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  Maritime Data Centre for Aging Research & Policy Analysis

In July 2002 Dr. Janice Keefe, PhD, was selected as Mount Saint Vincent University's first Canada Research Chair in Aging and Caregiving Policy and has recently been awarded funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation to develop the Maritime Data Centre for Aging Research & Policy Analysis. Funding was also provided by the Province of Nova Scotia and Mount Saint Vincent University.

The purpose of the Maritime Data Centre for Aging Research & Policy Analysis is to:

1. Identify the changing nature of caregiving and its impact on the future reliance on paid services;

2. Investigate ways in which policies and programs may be beneficial to caregivers;

3. Build upon MSVU's reputation in Gerontology at the national level;

4. Develop an international profile of scholarly research on caregiving and social policy in aging; and

5. Mentor graduate students through training & supervision.

Graduate class in Social Policy, 2003

In striving to reach its objectives, the Centre is a laboratory for learning, mentorship, and consultation. Many graduate students serve as research assistants on projects undertaken at the Centre.



Student Research Assistants

Through employment and in-class instruction, students learn interviewing techniques, how to conduct focus groups, assessment simulation, and analyses of large survey datasets, including the General Social Survey, the National Population Health Survey and eventually the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging.



Research at the Centre provides employment opportunities for professional research staff to work on specific projects. These positions help advance the objectives of the research and also enable opportunities in the ongoing development of academic learning and applied skills. Such positions include:

Centre Staff
CRC Students

The Maritime Data Centre's state-of-the-art technology provides opportunity for developing sophisticated skills in data collection, analysis and utilization, as well as collaboration with scholars throughout the world.

The Lab is fully equipped and flexible to serve as both a class room and office space. The latest software (MS Office, SAS, Lisrel, SPSS, Nudist) and technology (computers, video camcorders, projectors, laser screen) is available to assist the researchers on the various projects.


(Technology at the Maritime Data Centre)

Focus of Research at the Maritime Data Centre for Aging Research & Policy Analysis:

  • Caregivers
    - experiences, assessment, compensation, and rural/urban issues
    - policy development and future availability
  • Human Resource Issues
    - profile of Canadian continuing care workers
    - recruitment and retention of continuing care staff
    - impact of availability of informal caregivers on the need for home care workers
  • Home and Continuing Care Policy
    - policies for informal caregivers: compensation for care, direct service, tax incentives
    - building capacity in home and continuing care research in Atlantic Canada
    - identifying gaps in the continuum of care
    - developing national policy on home and continuing care

Current Caregiving & Policy Research:

Recent Caregiving & Policy Research:

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Maritime Data Centre for Aging Research & Policy Analysis
Mount Saint Vincent University
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