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    Permissions/Reprint Policies:
    "Reprint, Redistribution and Web-posting Guidelines: Our reports are free and available to all who download or request them for personal use.
    If you wish to reproduce them either on paper or on the Web, please follow the guidelines below:
    It is okay to reproduce a whole document, though we prefer that you link to it on our website. We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization and as such we do not endorse people, products, businesses or positions on issues. Therefore, none of our material may be reproduced in a manner that suggests that we are endorsing anything. It must be obvious that the information/data/report was produced by us. Please credit the Pew Internet & American Life Project, and include the author and title of the document and its release date, and the URL (web address) from which you accessed the document and the date on which you did so. If you'd like to use anything other than our report in its entirety, we ask that you email us at webmaster@pewinternet.org with the selection that you wish to use and how you wish to use it. We respond to all requests promptly."

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