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Obesity / ed. FIELDS, Suzanne D. ; ed. STRANO-PAUL, Lisa.
Montréal, Philadelphia : Clinics in geriatric medicine, 2005, vol. 21 (4), xiii, p.677-809.


Mots-clés secondaires : Physical activity ; Residential and long-term care centers ; Geriatric assessment ; Weight loss ; Pharmacotherapy ; Prevention ; Regimes ; Sleep apnea and hypopnoea syndrome

Résumé :

The high prevalance of obesity in people up to age 80 makes this an essential issue in our Clinics in Geriatric Medicine series. Obesity contributes to poor mobility and various diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, Syndrome X, Hypertension and Heart Disease. The authors for this issue provide information on dietary management, exercise, the role of pharmacologic strategies in weight management and functional decline in the elderly. The issue places an importance on the need to clinically assess and manage geriatric overweight and obese patients to improve their function.

1. Obesity and Functional Decline: Epidemiology, Geriatric Consequences (Jensen) 2. Medical Assesment of Obese Older Patients (Calleo-Cross; Nitya; Aronne) 3. Sleep Apnea (Groth) 4. Physician-Assisted Weight Loss and Maintenance in the Elderly (Kiehn; Ghormley; Williams) 5. Dietary Management for Older Subjects with Obesity (Chernoff) 6. Pharmacologic Agents for the Treatment of Obesity (Mathys) 7. The Crucial Role of Exercise and Physical Activity in Weight Management and Functionnal Improvment for Seniors (Gostic) 8. Obesity and Aging Adult: Ideas for Promoting Patient Safety and Preventing Caregiver Injury 9. Bariatric Programs in Nursing Homes (Dimant)

Language : Anglais
Doc n° : 19675 ISBN / ISSN : 1416026495
NumRec : 1967503


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