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Follow-up of an intervention program for caregivers of a relative with dementia living in a long-term care setting : are there any persistent and delayed effects? / Ducharme, Francine ; LÉVESQUE, Louise ; GIROUX , Francine ; LACHANCE, Lise.
Aging & mental health, 2005, vol. 9 (5 (sept.)), p. 461-469.

Informal care providers
Sick people
Daughters (descendant)

Résumé :

The purpose of this randomized study was to test the persistent and delayed effects of an intervention program entitled "Taking Care of Myself " on selected mental health outcomes of daughter caregivers of a relative with dementia living in a long-term care setting. One group of caregivers took part in the experimental program (EG, n = 45), one in a comparison program offered by an Alzheimer Society (AG, n = 51), and another constituted a control group (CG, n = 41). Effects were verified at the end of the program and 3 months later. Results from prediction analyses reveal that competence dealing with healthcare staff and use of the coping strategy of reframing were persistent effects unique to the EG condition, whereas perceived availability of informal and formal support was a persistent effect in the EG and in the AG. A delayed effect was observed in the AG regarding competence dealing with healthcare staff. These results underline the importance of follow-up assessments of intervention programs and suggest avenues to support caregivers of institutionalized seniors

Language : Anglais
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