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Innovative care for chronic conditions : building blocks for action : global report / dir. EPPING-JORDAN, JoAnne.
Geneva : World Health Organization. Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health, 2002, 117p. (13/09/2006)
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Maladie chronique
Organisation des soins de santé et des services sociaux

Résumé :

Innovative approaches and creative programmes for improving the management and outcomes associated with chronic conditions have been developing around the world. These innovations in care range from education and self-management training to integrating volunteers and community lay persons to provide services. Creative programme developers have used innovative formats to deliver new programmes, including group visits, telephone follow-up, and home-based strategies.
The evidence, from case studies to randomized trials, is compelling even in the earliest stages of development. To date, many of the "building blocks" of the ICCC framework have been evaluated. However, the full framework (i.e., policy, organization/community, and patient levels) has yet to be tested comprehensively and many components of it have not been examined outside of developed countries. Local settings must begin to develop their own evidence base for caring for chronic conditions.

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