WT 30 C437 (available) - Monographie
Challenges of the third age : meaning and purpose in later life / ed. WEISS, Robert S. ; ed. BASS, Scott A..
Oxford, Toronto : Oxford University Press, 2002, 206 p.

Search for meaning
Life projects
Personal narratives

Résumé :

How do older people decide to deploy their continued vitality, once they are free from the demands of work and child-rearing? How do they find meaning in daily life ? The number of able elderly entering a time of life that is virtually uncharted is now greater than it has ever been. The term "third-age" has been given to this time of live during which there is relatively good health, financial stability, fewer social expectations, and reduced obligations. Those entering the third age have the freedom and the need to find new activities that they can imbue with meaning. Scholars concerned with life in the third age and anyone entering the third age will find this book to be of critical importance.

Language : Anglais
Book type : MONO
Doc n° : 13665 ISBN / ISSN : 0195150252
NumRec : 1366503


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