WB 410 G926 (available) - Monographie
Tube feeding : practical guidelines and nursing protocols / GUENTER, Peggi ; SILKROSKI, Marcia.
Gaithersburg : Aspen Publication, 2001, xv, 276 p.

Enteral nutrition
Feeding techniques
Reference books

Résumé :

A comprehensive handbook that provides information on how to safely, effectively, and confidently care for patients receiving enteral nutrition. In one convenient reference, you'll find everything you need for positive patient outcomes, including step-by-step techniques based on the most current research and a wide variety of practical tools to save you time and boost quality. Complication prevention guides, clear illustrations, Internet resources, patient education materials, formula definitions, and information about medications are provided in a quick reference format.

Illustrations : ill.
Language : Anglais
Book type : MONO
Doc n° : 13679 ISBN / ISSN : 0-8342-1939-5
NumRec : 1367903


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