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The way to go home : rehabilitation and remedial services for older people / United Kingdom. Audit commission.
London : Audit Commission, 2000, 109 p. (16/04/2003)
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Services intégrés pour personnes âgées

Résumé :

Older people are major users of health and social services. Many require more time than younger patients to make a full recovery. But rehabilitation services to help them are often patchy and disjointed. An integrated range of services is needed, linked by good care pathways and good organisation across professional and organisational boundaries.
The Way to Go Home argues that a more strategic approach is needed, to promote a shared understanding of what is required, and a whole-systems approach that looks at rehabilitation in the round and makes full use of new financial flexibilities.
At a time when new ways of organising healthcare are high on the agenda, The Way to Go Home proposes solutions that are of interest to primary care staff in health and local authorities, and the many professionals working in trusts. It should also be of interest to the many thousands of older people and their carers who depend on these services for their future quality of life.

1 - The Role of Rehabilitation
Many people have commented on the need for better rehabilitation services - including the Government.
2 - The Provision of Rehabilitation Services
An integrated range of services is needed that includes inpatient rehabilitation, intermediate care and community services.
3 - Managing the Rehabilitation Programme
People need to follow a clear care pathway, which requires good co-ordination.
4 - Therapists and Rehabilitation Services
The level of therapy can be increased by using therapy assistants and using qualified therapists more flexibly.
5 - Developing a Strategic Approach
A strategic approach requires a shared understanding of what is needed, and a whole-systems approach.

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