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Equal treatment, equal rights : ten action points to end age discrimination / HelpAge international.
London : HelpAge International, 2001, 22 p. (02/07/2003)
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Age discrimination is our core concern. All societies discriminate against people on grounds of age. Ageism and stereotyping influence attitudes, which in turn affect the way decisions are taken and resources allocated at household, community, national and international level. Older people are entitled to benefit from international commitments to end poverty. They wish to play an active role in improving their wellbeing and environment. But HAI's experience and that of the older women and men with whom we work is that older people are struggling to be seen, heard and understood. They are still being excluded from dialogue and action to improve their situation. As a result, older women and men are not receiving their fair share of national and global resources. Policies that deliberately or by default marginalise people from active contributions to society because they are 50, 60 or 80 years old are not only in breach of established human rights principles but a waste of human and social resources.

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