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The Canadian health care system : views and experiences of adults with health problems : findings from the Commonwealth Fund 2002 international health policy survey / SCHOEN, Cathy ; DESROCHES, Catherine M. ; OSBORN, Robin ; DOWNEY, Deirdre.
New York : The Commonwealth Fund, 2003, 4 p. (17-07-2003)
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Mots-clés principaux
Politique de la santé

Mots-clés secondaires : Coordination des services ; Erreur médicale ; Ordonnance ; Relation médecin-patient ; Temps d'attente

Résumé :

Based on the Commonwealth Fund 2002 International Health Policy Survey of Adults with Health Problems, this article describes the situation in Canada and studies : the patient safety (medical and medication errors), care coordination, prescription drugs, doctor­patient communication, waiting times and access problems due to cost.
Views of the Health Care System :
- One-third of Canadians with health problems said they were dissatisfied with the Canadian care system. This rate is comparable to percentages in Australia (35%) and the U.K. (31%), and well below those in the United States (44%) and New Zealand (48%). In no nation did the proportion of "very satisfied" exceed 25 percent (U.K. 25%; CAN 21%; U.S. 18%; AUS 15%; N.Z. 14%).
- One-quarter (24%) of Canadians said that quality of care was worse than it was two years ago, a higher proportion than in the other four countries.
- When asked to name the two biggest problems with the Canadian health system, respondents said shortages of health professionals or hospital beds (54%) and long waiting times (27%). In contrast, the top two problems cited in the U.S. were costs of care (48%) and inadequate coverage (25%).
- Asked what the single most important thing the government could do to improve health care would be, the leading answer by Canadians was to spend more money (32%).

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