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Implementing the resident assessment instrument : case studies of policymaking for long-term care in eight countries / FRIES, Brant E. ; FAHEY, Charles J. ; [et al].
New York : Milbank Memorial Fund, 2003. (23-07-2003)
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Long-term care
Assessment tools
Health policies

Mots-clés secondaires : England ; Canada ; Spain ; United States ; Iceland ; Israel ; Italy ; Japan ; Ontario ; Wales

Résumé :

Les auteurs des études de cas décrivent l'utilisation d'instruments uniques pour évaluer les données au sujet des personnes qui reçoivent des soins de longue durée et d'autres services connexes dans huit pays : États-Unis, Ontario (Canada), Islande, Israël, Italie, Japon, Espagne, Angleterre et Pays de Galles. Ces données sont importantes pour les politiques afin d'améliorer la qualité des soins et d'allouer les ressources plus efficacement à travers le continuum de services.

The authors of these case studies describe the use of unique instruments to array and assess data about persons who receive long-term care and related services in eight countries: United States, Ontario (Canada), Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Spain, England and Wales. These data are of particular importance for policy to improve the quality of care and to allocate resources more effectively and efficiently across a continuum of services.

- Foreword
- Acknowledgments
- Introduction: Lessons Learned from Eight Case Studies by Brant E. Fries and Charles J. Fahey
- The RAI and the Politics of Long-Term Care: The Convergence of Science and Politics in U.S. Nursing Home Policy by Catherine Hawes, Bruce C. Vladeck, John N. Morris, Charles D. Phillips, and Helene Fredeking
- From Anecdotes to Evidence: Complex Continuing Care at the Dawn of the Information Age in Ontario by John P. Hirdes, Duncan G. Sinclair, John King, Paul Tuttle, and John McKinley
- Toward Informed and Evidence-based Elderly Care: The RAI Experience in Iceland by Pálmi V. Jónsson and Hrafn Pálsson
- MDS (Minimum Data Set) Assessments for Policymaking and Evaluations in Israel by Jacob Gindin, Sara Levi, Orna Intrator, and Jochanan Stessman
- The Implementation of a Common Assessment System and Care Model in Italy by Roberto Bernabei, Marina Panfilo, and Giuseppe Panio
- Muddling through LTC Policy: The Japanese Government's Approach to the Introduction and Dissemination of Resident Assessment Instruments by Naoki Ikegami and Masanori Nishiyama
- The Challenge of Dependency in a Changing Society: New Tools for a New Era at the Health Care­Social Care Interface in Spain by Elaine Duncan and Enrique Castellón
- A Thread from Many Strands: Assessment, the InterRAI MDS System, and Health and Social Care Policy in England and Wales by G. Iain Carpenter and David Challis
- The Authors

(c) 2003 Milbank Memorial Fund

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