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Geriatric sexuality / ed. MORLEY, John E..
Philadelphia, Toronto : Clinics in geriatric medicine, 2003, vol. 19 (3 (Aug.)), xii p., p. 463-661.


Mots-clés secondaires : Andropause ; Counseling ; Homosexual ; Sex hormones ; Sexually transmitted diseases ; Drugs ; Menopause ; Health facility environment ; Psychosexual disorders

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Table des matières :

Andropause: An Old Concept in New Clothing (Morely)
Testosterone and Behavior (Morley)
Sexual Function and the Older Women (Kaiser)
Disorders of Male Sexual Function (Mulligan)
Erectile Dysfunction: An Overview (Morales)
Erectile Dysfunction: Etiology and Treatment in Young and Old Patients (Tariq)
Medications and Sexual Function (Thomas)
Sex and the Nursing Home (Hajar)
The Older Homosexual: Current Concepts of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Older Americans (McMahon)
Counseling About Sexuality in the Older Person (Szwabo)
The Use of Estrogen in Older Women (Birge)
Menopause (Wilson)
Paraphilias and Aging (Philpot)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Older Adults (Wilson)

Illustrations : graph.
Language : Anglais
Book type : SER
Doc n° : 16585
NumRec : 1658503


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