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Strategies for hospitals to improve patient safety : a review of the research / WONG, Jiahui ; BEGLARYAN, Hasmik.
Toronto : The Change Foundation, 2004, 48 p. (22-06-2005)
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Medical errors

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The Patient Safety project was a joint initiative by The Change Foundation and the Ontario Hospital Association. This report is a research synthesis intended to help hospital managers and front-line workers prevent the mistakes and accidents that can endanger patient safety. The injuries caused by treatment rather than the underlying condition are known as adverse events and affect thousands of people every year by prolonging hospitalization, and causing lasting disability or death.
This study focuses on preventable adverse events - the wrong dose of a medication, for example, rather than unanticipated events, such as allergic reactions to a drug. If an event was preventable in one instance, it can be learned from and strategies can be developed to keep it from happening again. This is not a subject that has been widely studied in Canada so international research, arising from Canada, the U.S., Britain and Australia was used to produce this synthesis.

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