WM 219 C155 Vol.3 (available) - Monographie
Creating successful dementia care settings. Vol.3 : Minimizing disruptive behaviours / PEREZ, Kristin ; PROFFITT, Mark A. ; CALKINS, Margaret P..
Baltimore : Health Professions Press, 2001, xxi, 147 p.

Nursing care
Disruptive behavior
Sick people
Person-centred approaches

Mots-clés secondaires : Screams ; Wandering ; Physical environment ; Spatial orientation ; Sexuality ; Diogenes syndrome ; Violence

Résumé :

This book reveals that many difficulties stem from the care environment itself and can therefore be resolved through thoughtful adaptations. Here is invaluable advice on how to evaluate the sources of problems and how to develop individualized solutions that can dramatically improve the quality of life for residents and staff alike.

Illustrations : ill.
Language : Anglais
Book type : MONO
Doc n° : 16030 ISBN / ISSN : 1-878812-74-2
NumRec : 1603003


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