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Hospice or hemlock? : searching for heroic compassion / PUTNAM, Constance E..
Westport, CT : Praeger, 2002, xv, 209 p.

Death with dignity
Biological death
Assisted suicide
End of life
Philosophical aspects
Witholding life-sustaining treatments

Résumé :

The challenge the author presents for us is how to respond compassionately to patients who are dying in the modern context (some of whom are suffering unacceptably after long periods of ilness and decline) in particular those who want assistance in dying sooner rather than later. End-of-life decision making is often viewed from an academic perspective, which can obscure the debate's central human concerns. This guide introduces general readers to people with personal stakes in the right-to-die conondrum. Putnam provides practical assistance to readers and their loved ones, simultaneously incorporating the abstract and theoretical analysis essential to examining how we die in contemporary Western society. Readers are presented with the backgrounds of the Hospice and Right-to-Die (Hemlock) Movements. To elucidate the human side of the debate, Putnam profiles and interviews six important figures: Dame Cicely Saunders, Derek Humphry, Herbert Cohen, Timothy Quill, Joanne Lynn, Jack Kevorkian. Another unique feature of this book is the application of philosopher Judith Jarvis Thomson's general theory of rights to the very specific right to die. Pointing to potential compatibilities between the two positions, she concludes that heroic compassion does not require a final choice between Hospice and Hemlock - there may be aroom enough for both.

Language : Anglais
Book type : MONO
Doc n° : 17125 ISBN / ISSN : 0897899210
NumRec : 1712503


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