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Total health care expenditures by sectors, Canada, 2003 (in percent) / ZELMER, Jennifer ; LEEB, Kira ; GULA, Cheryl ; FINLAY, Patricia ; BINGHAM, Jack. In Health Care in Canada 2004.
Ottawa : Statistics Canada;Canadian Institute for Health Information, 2004, p. 97. (16/06/2004)
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Public health expenditures
Medical professionals
Health professionals
Health care systems
General hospitals
Health care facilities

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Source : National Health Expenditure Database, CIHI

Tiré de : ZELMER, Jennifer ; LEEB, Kira ; GULA, Cheryl ; FINLAY, Patricia ; BINGHAM, Jack . Health Care in Canada 2004 [Online]. Ottawa : CIHI , Statistics Canada , 2004, p. 97. (Retrieved June 16, 2004).

Hospitals, drugs, and doctors' services account for the bulk of health spending. In 2003, hospitals accounted for the largest single component of total expenditures (30%), down from about 37% in 1993.

Retail drug sales made up the second largest category, at 16%, compared to 13% a decade earlier. This includes prescribed and non-prescribed drugs, as well as personal health supplies such as diabetic test strips. The largest share (13% of total health spending, up from 9% a decade earlier) is spent on prescribed drugs.

Individually, total spending on physicians (15% in 1993 and 13% in 2003) and other professionals (11% in 1993 and 12% in 2003) were smaller; but together they accounted for a combined total of 25%. These figures remain almost unchanged from 2001.

Different types of health services are financed differently. In 2003, hospitals (92%) and physician services (99%) were almost entirely publicly funded. Most (91%) of the services provided by other professionals working outside hospitals-such as dentists, private practice physiotherapists, and chiropractors-were privately financed, up from 86% in 1993. About 62% of retail drugs were privately financed, down from 67% a decade earlier.

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    Monographie : Health Care in Canada 2004 / ZELMER, Jennifer ; LEEB, Kira ; GULA, Cheryl ; FINLAY, Patricia ; BINGHAM, Jack. -Ottawa : Canadian Institute for Health Information;Statistics Canada, 2004. - 117 p.
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