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Anti-aging / ed. FLAHERTY, Joseph H. ; ed. MORLEY, John E..
Philadelphia : Clinics in geriatric medicine, 2004, vol. 20 (2 (May)), xv, 387 p.


Mots-clés secondaires : Antioxydants ; Cancer ; Chiropractic ; Memory ; Pharmacognosia ; Free radicals theory of aging ; Vitamins

Résumé :

Anti-Aging Flaherty JH, Morley JE
pages x-xiv

Anti-Aging medicine-the good, the bad, and the ugly Gammack JK, Morley JE
pages 157-177

The use of complementary and alternative medical therapies among older persons around the world Flaherty JH, Takahashi R
pages 179-200

Exercise and aging Fiatarone Singh MA
pages 201-221

Chiropractic and geriatrics: a review of the training, role, and scope of chiropractic in caring for aging patients Zaynab Killinger L
pages 223-235

Herbal therapies Tariq SH
pages 237-257

Vitamins in health and aging Thomas DR
pages 259-274

Hormonal fountains of youth Horani MH, Morley JE
pages 275-292

Cancer in the elderly: is it preventable? Hajjar RR
pages 293-316

Antiaging methods and medicines for the memory Banks WA, Farr SA
pages 317-328

Free radicals and brain aging Poon H F, Calabrese V, Scapagnini G, Butterfield D A
pages 329-359

Ethical and legal issues in antiaging medicine Fisher AL, Hill R
pages 361-382

Language : Anglais
Book type : SER
Doc n° : 17430
NumRec : 1743003


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