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Investing in Australia's aged care : more places, better care / BISHOP, Julie.
Canberra : Commonwealth of Australia, 2004, 23 p. (10-08-2004)
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Health care systems
Health policies
Federal government
Quality of health care and services
Services accessibility

Résumé :

Our $2.2 billion package, Investing in Australia's Aged Care: More Places, Better Care, builds on our previous reforms by providing further support for older Australians needing care, while encouraging aged care providers to become more flexible, accountable and innovative in the delivery of care.

It gives a clear direction for the future of aged care, while maintaining our policy imperatives of quality of care, equity of access, efficiency and sustainability. With more funding, more aged care places, more choice, more training and better systems, better administration and better management, Investing in Australia's Aged Care: More Places, Better Care provides a responsible and measured approach to the short and medium term issues in the residential aged care sector. A total of $30 billion will be allocated to aged care over the next four years.

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