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Consumers, identity and old age / VINCENT, John.
Education and ageing, 1999, vol. 14 (2), p. 141-149. (23-06-2005)
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This article explores two related issues of old age and identity. First, what is the relationship between age per se and identity. That is to say, what are the consequences for people's identity of the duration of their life. The second theme is that of consumption. How do the cultural characteristics of consumer society impact on those whose identity has formed over a long period of time? Social life has an unfolding quality, and length of life (i.e. ageing) in this sense can have consequences for identity. Theories that we are what we consume have become popular. It is suggested that we take our identities from purchases which are made no longer for use value, but sign value. Older consumers have distinctive characteristics. The effects or potential effects of consumption on age related identities are first, the structure of merchandising ­ what is sold to whom and how? ­ and secondly, consumer history both personal and collective. Consumption plays a key part in identity but those with a long personal history and limited future also have to make their identity meaningful from other sources.

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