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Innovations in end-of-life care : practical strategies & international perspectives. Volume 3 / ed. ROMER, Anna L. ; ed. HELLER, Karen S. ; ed. WEISSMAN, David E. ; ed. SOLOMON, Mildred Z..
Larchmont, NY : M. A. Liebert, 2002, xix, 430 p.

Mots-clés principaux
Soins palliatifs
Qualité des soins et services
Amélioration de la qualité
Perspective internationale

Mots-clés secondaires : Proche aidant ; Angleterre ; Argentine ; Canada ; Cheminement clinique ; Continuité des soins ; Démence ; Deuil ; Douleur ; États-Unis ; Italie ; Norvège ; Qualité de vie ; Site Web

Résumé :

Innovations in End-of-Life Care, Volume 3 follows today's leading palliative care experts as they turn theoretical models into working programs across a diverse range of institutional settings. Sections include peer-reviewed articles, interviews, and international perspectives.
PART ONE traces the genesis of the 2000 AHA Circle of Life Award-winning initiative at Franciscan Health System West, which adopted a population-based approach for early identification of patients with serious, chronic progressive illness to improve continuity in end-of-life care.
PART TWO articulates the benefits of an Integrated Care Pathway and spotlights one of the 2001 AHA Circle of Life Award-winning programs: Beth Israel Medical Center's Department of Pain and Palliative Medicine and its Palliative Care for Advanced Disease (PCAD) pathway. Also includes a comparative perspective from Norway.
PART THREE presents new moedls for supporting family caregivers, focusing on creative approaches developed at Manhattan's Cabrini Medical Center and in a national community-based network in the United Kingdom.
PART FOUR explains the tensions in current theories of grief and bereavement, explores the implications of these debates and attitudes on practice, and highlights the UCSF Children's Hospital's weekend retreat for families in which a child has died. Personal reflections from Denmark and the US show how narrative can be used to heal.
PART FIVE explores a project of the Medical College of Wisconsin Palliative Care Program to improve pain management practices in 87 long-term care facilities, using quality improvement, role models, and a systems approach to change.
PART SIX characterizes the challenges of defining and assessing quality of life near the end of life, features the Edmonton Regional Palliative Care program in Alberta, Canada, and offers an international perspective from Argentina.

Langue : Anglais
Type d'ouvrage AQESSS : SER
Doc n° : 18510 ISBN / ISSN : 091311393X
NumRec : 1851003


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