WL 39 H236 (available) - Monographie
Handbook of stroke prevention in clinical practice / ed. FURIE, Karen L. ; ed. KELLY, Peter J..
Totowa, New Jersey : Humana Press, 2004, xiii, 310 p. + 1 CD-ROM en pochette.

Cerebrovascular accident
Clinical approaches

Mots-clés secondaires : Physical activity ; Feeding ; Angioplasty ; Embolism ; Epidemiology ; Heredity ; Hormonotherapy ; Hypertension ; Ischemia ; Drugs ; Obesity

Résumé :

This concise survey of stroke and stroke prevention contains all the up-to-date resources that a physician needs everyday in the office to assess and treat patients at high risk of stroke. The authors isolate the individual areas where intervention can help reduce stroke risk, provide background data on the major risk factors (hypertension, lipids, diabetes, tobacco, and alcohol), and offer practical advice on lifestyle issues, such as diet, vitamin use, and exercise. Among the therapies fully discussed are lipid management, antithrombotic therapy, hormonal therapy, stenting, and angioplasty.

Language : Anglais
Book type : MONO
Doc n° : 18564 ISBN / ISSN : 1588291588
NumRec : 1856403


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