WR 598 S526 (available) - Monographie
Wound healing and ulcers of the skin : diagnosis and therapy : the practical approach / SHAI, Avi ; MAIBACH, Howard I..
Berlin : Springer, 2005, xxi, 270 p.

Wound care
Skin ulcer
Decubitus ulcers

Mots-clés secondaires : Antibiotics ; Biopsies ; Aetiologic diagnosis ; Assessment ; Physical examination ; Grafts ; History ; Alternative medicine ; Nutrition ; Vitamins

Résumé :

Clinical guidebook which instructs the reader how to diagnose and treat wounds and cutaneous ulcers. This book introduces an algorithmic approach for the identification of ulcer etiology, together with step-by-step flow charts for therapy. It is not only written by experts, but the content of each of the chapters has been peer-reviewed. This work offers helpful support to all physicians who treat acute and chronic cutaneous wounds such as dermatologists, general practitioners and family physicians, plastic and general surgeons, as well as orthopedic and vascular surgeons. Further, it will also be of assistance for physicians from other branches, such as diabetologists, internists, and geriatricians, who often encounter the need to treat chronic wounds.

Table of contents

Basic Definitions and General Overview.- Natural Course of Wound Repair vs. Impaired Healing in Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers.- Milestones in the History of Wound Healing.- Etiology and Mechanisms of Cutaneous Ulcer Formation.- Determining Etiology.- Ulcer Measurement and Patient Assessment.- Dressing Materials.- Debridement.- Antibiotics, Antiseptics and Cutaneous Ulcers.- Topical Antibacterial Agents.- Skin Grafting.- Skin Substitutes and Tissue-Engineered Skin Equivalents.- Human Skin Equivalents: When and How to Use?- Growth Factors.- Drugs, Wound Healing and Cutaneous Ulcers.- Alternative Topical Preparations.- Additional Preparations.- Nutrition and Cutaneous Ulcers.- Therapeutic Approach to Cutaneous Ulcers According to Appearance.- Appendix: Guidelines for Patients and Medical Staff.

Illustrations : ill.
Language : Anglais
Book type : MONO
Doc n° : 18636 ISBN / ISSN : 3540212752
NumRec : 1863603


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