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Talking over the years : a handbook of dynamic psychotherapy with older adults / ed. EVANS, Sandra ; ed. GARNER, Jane.
New York : Brunner-Routledge, 2004, xiv, 290 p.

Mots-clés principaux

Mots-clés secondaires : Adaptation psychologique ; Aspect éthique ; Danse ; Démence ; Deuil ; Lien social ; Musicothérapie ; Psychothérapie brève ; Relation de couple ; Relations interpersonnelles ; Sexualité ; Solitude ; Théorie psychanalytique ; Théorie psychologique ; Thérapie corporelle ; Thérapie de groupe ; Thérapie par l'art ; Vieillesse

Résumé :

Table des matières :
Chapter 1 Old and New: Freud and Others. Rachael Davenhill
Chapter 2 Loneliness in Old Age: Klein and Others. Noel Hess
Chapter 3 On Becoming an Old Man: Jung and Others. Lorenzo Bacelle
Chapter 4 Attachment in Old Age: Bowlby and Others. Sandra Evans
Chapter 5 The Old Self: Kohut, Winnicott and Others. Sandra Evans
Chapter 6 Growing into Old Age: Erikson and Others. Jane Garner
Chapter 7 Group Psychotherapy: Foulkes, Yalom, Bion. Sandra Evans
Chapter 8 Inpatient Dynamics: Thinking, Feeling and Understanding. Roger Wesby
Chapter 9 Ethical Considerations. Mark Ardern
Chapter 10 Long Term Analytic Treatment. Joan Reggiori
Chapter 11 Brief Therapy. Sian Critchley-Robbins
Chapter 12 Death or Glory: Art Therapy in Old Age. Kimberley Smith
Chapter 13 Music Therapy. Rachel Darnley-Smith
Chapter 14 Movement and Dance Therapy. Marion Violets-Gibson
Chapter 15 Dementia. Jane Garner
Chapter 16 Elderly Couples and their Families. Sandra Evans
Chapter 17 Sexuality. Jane Garner and Lorenzo Bacelle
Chapter 18. Bereavement Work . Rosamund Oliver and Erdinch Suleiman

Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 20994 ISBN / ISSN : 1583911448
NumRec : 2099403


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