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Principles and practice of geriatric psychiatry / ed. AGRONIN, Marc E. ; ed. MALETTA, Gabe J..
Philadelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2006, xx, 762 p.

Mots-clés principaux
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Mots-clés secondaires : Agitation ; Proche aidant ; Anxiété ; Apathie ; Déficience intellectuelle ; Delirium ; Démence à corps de Lewy ; Démence fronto-temporale ; Démence vasculaire ; Dépression majeure ; Douleur chronique ; Effet indésirable ; Évaluation psychique ; Évaluation gériatrique ; Gérontopsychiatre ; Maladie d'Alzheimer ; Maladie de Parkinson ; Pharmacothérapie ; Psychothérapie ; Service de gérontopsychiatrie ; Sexualité ; Suicide ; Thérapeutique psychologique ; Traitement (Thérapeutique) ; Thérapie convulsivante à l'électrochoc ; Toxicomanie ; Trouble bipolaire ; Trouble cognitif ; Trouble de la personnalité ; Trouble de l'adaptation ; Trouble du sommeil ; Trouble mental ; Trouble psychotique ; Trouble somatoforme

Résumé :

Written by noted authorities in geriatric psychiatry, this volume is a clinically oriented guide to the diagnostic workup and treatment of psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders in elderly patients. The book describes in detail the neurologic and neuropsychiatric patient assessment and the use of all treatment modalities, both psychotherapeutic and pharmacologic, in elderly patients.
Chapters discuss the treatment of disorders in all clinical settingsƒinpatient, outpatient, emergency, primary care, assisted living, and long-term care. Algorithms for workup and treatment are included, as well as case studies and personal accounts by patients and care providers. Appendices provide drug information and additional resources.

Section I- Geriatric Psychiatry : an intoduction to the patient, clinician, setting, and caregiver
1. The Geriatric Patient Gene Cohen MD, PhD
2. The Geriatric Psychiatrist Alan Siegal, Jeanne Jackson-Siegal
3. The Geriatric Setting Stephen M. Scheinthal, Anita Chopra, Janet Lieto, Pamela Basehore, Barry Rovner
4. The Geriatric Caregiver Larry W. Thompson, Adam P. Spira, Colin A. Depp, Jocelyn Shealy McGee, Dolores Gallagher-Thompson

Section II- Principles of Clinical Evaluation
5. Psychiatric Interview Daniel Carlat
6. Medical Assessment of the Elderly Psychiatric Patient Kevin C. Fleming, Teresa A. Rummans, Gabe Maletta
Notes from Clinical Practice: Recognizing Psychiatric Manifestations of Medical Illness Robert B. Portney
7. Neurological Perspectives In The Elderly Elliott L. Mancall
8. Neuroimaging Richard Margolin
9. Neuropsychology Elisabeth Koss, Deborah K. Attix
10. The Dementia Work-Up Lisa L. Boyle, M. Saleem Ismail, Anton P. Porsteinsson
11. Cultural Issues Kenneth Sakauye
12. Forensic Evaluations Stuart A. Anfang, Paul S. Appelbaum

Section III- General Principles of Psychiatric Treatment
13. Psychotherapy with Older Adults Mary F. Wyman, Amber Gum, Patricia A. Are n
14. Psychopharmacotherapy in Older Adults Gabe J. Maletta
15. ECT in the Geriatric Patient Robert M. Greenberg, Charles H. Kellner
16. Hospice And Palliative Care Ladislav Volicer
A Caregiver's Experience Sally Calahan
17. Spirituality and Geriatric Psychiatry Len Sperry
Commentary Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski
Commentary Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, Monika Hellwig
18. Ethical Issues in Geriatric Psychiatry Jason Borenstein, Kenneth W. Goodman

Section IV- Psychiatric Disorders
19. Memory Disorders Yonas Endale Geda, Selamawit Negash, Ronald C. Petersen
20. Alzheimer Disease David Knopman
21. Vascular Dementia Helen Lavretsky, Helena Chui
22. Dementia With Lewy Bodies Ian McKeith
23. Frontotemporal Demenita Andrew Kertesz
24. Delirium in the Elderly David J. Meagher, John Norton, Paula Trzepacz
25. Major Depression and Related Disorders Darren Thompson, Soo Borson
26. Geriatric Bipolar Disorder Brent Forester, Francesca Cannavo Antognini, Andrew Stoll
27. Suicide Paul R. Duberstein, Marnin J. Heisel, Yeates Conwell
28. Psychosis in the Elderly Salman Karim, Alistair Burns
29. Adjustment Disorders in Late Life Melinda Lantz
30. Anxious Older Adults: Prevalence, Assessment, and Treatment Sean A. Lauderdale, Kacie Kelly, Javaid Sheikh
31. Personality Disorders Richard Zweig, Marc Agronin
32. Substance Use Disorders Maria D. Llorente, David W. Oslin, Julie Malphurs
33. Somatoform Disorders Terry Rabinowitz, John P. Hirdes, Isabelle Desjardins
34. Sleep Disorders Yohannes Endeshaw, Donald L. Bliwise
35. Sexuality Marc Agronin, Ruth Westheimer
36. Intellectual Disabilities John A. Tsiouris, Matthew P. Janicki, Kathryn Pekala Service

Section V- Associated Psychiatric Issues in the Geriatric Patient
37. Agitation and Psychosis Associated with Dementia Ashok J. Bharucha, Bruce G. Pollock
38. Depression and Anxiety Associated with Dementia Natalie Sachs-Ericsson, Dan G. Blazer
39. Psychiatric Manifestations of Medications in the Elderly Michael Kotlyar, Catherine I. Lindblad, Shelly L. Gray, Joseph T. Hanlon,
40. Parkinson¿s Disease Tsao-Wei Liang, Stacy Horn
41. Movement Disorders David Naimark, Elizabeth Collumb, Ansar Haroun, Dilip V. Jeste
42. Psychiatric Care of the Older Adult With Persistent Pain Jordan F. Karp, Debra K. Weiner
43. Apathy William B. Orr
Appendix A. Pharmacotherapy of Psychotropic Medications in the Elderly Kimberly M. Mattox, Shane A. Fishco, Gabe Maletta
Appendix B. A Basic Review of Human Neuroanatomy for the Practicing Psychiatrist Elliott Mancall, Britt Sanford
Appendix C. Resources for Geriatric Psychiatry Maria I. Lapid
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