WL 359 D376 (disponible) - Monographie
Dementia with lewy bodies and Parkinson's disease dementia / ed. O'BRIEN, John ; et al.
London, UK : Taylor & Francis, 2006, xv, 264 p.

Mots-clés principaux
Démence à corps de Lewy
Démence de type Parkinson

Mots-clés secondaires : Proche aidant ; Approche non pharmacologique ; Diagnostic différentiel ; Diagnostic ; Épidémiologie ; Imagerie cérébrale ; Indicateur de santé ; Maladie du système nerveux autonome ; Neurochimie ; Neurologie ; Neuropathologie ; Neuropsychiatrie ; Neuropsychologie ; Nosographie ; Pharmacothérapie ; Trouble cognitif

Résumé :

"Dementia with Lewy bodies is now accepted as the second main cause of neurodegenerative dementia and it views with vascular dementia as the second most common form of dementia overall. There is clearly a need for a new text solely focused on this condition which will deal with the most relevant topics exploring the whole spectrum of the disorder from diagnosis to management and including what is known about neurobiological changes. Dementia with Lewy Bodies summarizes the latest state-of-the-art science and is equally accessible to clinicians such as old age psychiatrists; geriatricians and neurologists as well as allied health professionals with a particular interest in this disorder."

Illustrations : graph. ; ill.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 21747 ISBN / ISSN : 1841843954
NumRec : 2174703


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