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Thesaurus of aging terminology / ed. RIMKUS, Ann ; ed. MELINCHOK, Michael D. ; ass. ed MCEVOY, Kathleen ; ass. ed YEAGER, Amy K.
Washington, DC : AARP Ageline Database, 2005 (8th ed.), , xxvii, 236 p. (05-06-2007)
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Dictionaries, glossaries, lexicons, terminology
Documentary languages

Résumé :

The Thesaurus of Aging Terminology is a controlled vocabulary of subject terms (also called keywords or descriptors) used to index all publications cited in AgeLine. Because AgeLine focuses on aging-related topics from a variety of disciplines, the Thesaurus can be very useful in constructing a thorough search of the database, in defining how a term is used in AgeLine, and in identifying references having a major focus on that topic.

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