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Old age in a new age : the promise of transformative nursing homes / BAKER, Beth.
Nashville : Vanderbilt University Press, 2007, xiii, 236 p.

Mots-clés principaux
Milieu de vie institutionnel
Centre d'hébergement et de soins de longue durée
Soins institutionnels
Changement social
Adaptation des services
Approche centrée sur la personne

Mots-clés secondaires : Amélioration de la qualité ; Qualité de vie ; Quête de sens ; Restructuration des services

Résumé :

On investigative visits to nursing homes across the nation, Beth Baker has witnessed profound changes. Culture change leaders are tearing up everything -- the floor plans, the flow charts, the schedules, the lousy menus, the attitudes, the rules -- and starting from scratch. They are creating extraordinary places where people live in dignity and greet the day with contentment, assisted by employees who feel valued and appreciated. Perhaps most surprising, these homes prove that a high quality of life does not have to cost more. Some of the best homes in the nation serve primarily low-income people who are on Medicaid. In this new book, Baker tell the story of a better way to live in old age. Although each home is different, they share common values: respecting individual choices; empowering staff; fostering a strong community of elders, staff, family members, and volunteers; redesigning buildings from a hospital model to a home (where pets and children are part of everyday life); and honoring people when they die. Her visits to more than two dozen facilities include those associatd with the Eden Alternative, Green House, Kendal, and the Pioneer Network. Whether these transformational homes become the norm or the domain of a lucky few is the question that faces the next generation of elders, the baby boomers.

Part I: The Last Resort
1 "Promise You'll Never Put Me in a Nursing Home": Why We're in Denial
2 "I Almost Cried": The Universal Longing for Home
Part II: Stories from the Front Lines of Change
3 "We'll Fly to Paris"[note whole quote was "If she wants to fly to Paris, We'll fly to Paris]: Honoring Individual Choice {Q: I like this title, but the preceding 2 and following three are quotations--could you not find a good one?}
4 "We Are Nothing": Empowering Staff
5 "This Is My Home": Tearing Up the Blueprints
6 "You Can Dance Alone or We'll Dance with You": Creating Community
7 From the Top of the Ferris Wheel: Breaking Barriers
8 Beyond Bingo: Finding Meaning in Late Life
9 Family-Friendly Homes: Welcoming Relatives to the Team
10 The Zen of Memory Loss: Living in the Moment
11 "My Bags Are Packed": Dying in the Nursing Home
Part III: Making the Case for Change
12 Too Good to Be True? Overcoming Obstacles
13 Baby Boomers' Legacy? Building a Movement

Langue : Anglais
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