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Ageing well : nutrition, health, and social interventions / ed. DANGOUR, Alan D. ; ed. GRUNDY, Emily ; ed. FLETCHER, Astrid E..
Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2007, 178 p.

Collection : Society for the study of human biology series ; 47

Mots-clés principaux
Vieillissement réussi
Vieillissement normal
Recherche sur le vieillissement
Qualité de vie
Promotion de la santé
Congrès, conférence, colloque, symposium

Mots-clés secondaires : Activité physique ; Aspect économique ; Besoin nutritionnel ; Cataracte ; Dégénérescence maculaire ; Famille ; Fin de la vie ; Fonction cognitive ; Inégalité sociale ; Milieu physique ; Nutrition ; Réminiscence ; Travail

Résumé :

Provides information on current public health research and the impact on public policy ;
Focuses on biological issues in ageing such as diet, exercise, and cognitive health ;
Discusses the nutritional vulnerability and value of nutrition interventions in older people ;
Examines social issues and policy relevance, including the role of social inequalities in health ;
Explores the importance of good quality housing and social support for older people ;
Analyzes economic concerns of ageing including cost-effective interventions, healthcare and pension provision, and estimates the minimum cost of healthy living for the 65+ population.

Table of Contents :
Introduction, A. D. Dangour, E.M.D. Grundy, and A.E. Fletcher
Nutritional Concerns in Old Age, L. de Groot and W.A. van Staveren
Regular Exercise-the Best Investment for Our Old Age, M.E.T. McMurdo
Major Eye Diseases of Later Life: Cataract and Age-Related Macular Degeneration, A.E. Fletcher
Reminiscence in Everyday Talk between Older People and Their Carers: Implications for the Quality of Life of Older People in Care Homes, F. Wilson, K. McKee, H. Elford, M.C. Chung, F. Goudie, and S. Hinchliff
Retention of Cognitive Function in Old Age: Why Initial Intelligence is Important, L.J. Whalley
Health Inequalities in Old Age in Britain, E. Breeze
Demographic Change, Family Support, and Ageing Well: Developed Country Perspectives, E.M.D. Grundy
Energy Efficiency and the Health of Older People, P. Wilkinson
Ageing, Health, and Welfare: An Economic Perspective, C. Normand
Methodological Issues in Assessing the Cost Effectiveness of Interventions to Improve the Health of Older People, D. Walker and C. Aedo
Minimum Income for Healthy Living: Physical Activity, Anti-ageing, Autonomy, J. Morris, A.D. Dangour, C. Deeming,A. E. Fletcher, and P. Wilkinson
Responding to Increasing Human Longevity: Policy, Practice, and Research, D. Metz

Illustrations : graph.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 22603 ISBN / ISSN : 084937474X
NumRec : 2260303


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