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Patient-centered care : what does it take ? / SHALLER, Dale.
New York, NY : The Commonwealth Fund, 2007, vii, 26 p. (09-01-2008)
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Person-centred approaches
United States
Health care planning
Adaptation of services

Résumé :

Patient-centered care has become a central aim for the nation's health system, yet patient experience surveys indicate that the system is far from achieving it. Based on interviews with leaders of patient-centered organizations and initiatives, this report identifies seven key factors for achieving patient-centered care at the organization level: 1) top leadership engagement, 2) a strategic vision clearly and constantly communicated to every member of the organization, 3) involvement of patients and families at multiple levels, 4) a supportive work environment for all employees, 5) systematic measurement and feedback, 6) the quality of the built environment, and 7) supportive information technology. The report illustrates how these factors can be successfully implemented through case examples of two organizations, MCG Health System in Georgia and Bronson Methodist Hospital in Michigan. The report concludes with a discussion of strategies at the organization and system level that can help leverage widespread implementation of patient-centered care.

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