R-CRM-7 (disponible) - Monographie
Normality and pathology in cognitive functions / ELLIS, Andrew W..
San Diego, CA : Academic Press, 1982, xi, 327 p.

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Fonction cognitive

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Contenu :
Models of the mind in health and diseases / John C. Marshall -- Production of speech : observations from normal and pathological language use / Merrill F. Garrett -- The relation between reading and phonological coding : further neuropsychological observations / Karalyn E. Patterson -- Spelling and writing (and reading and speaking) / Andrew W. Ellis -- Object recognition : some deductions from the clinical evidence / Graham Ratcliff and Freda Newcombe -- The human face / Dennis C. Hay and Andrew W. Young -- Normal and abnormal forgetting : some comments on the human amnesic syndrome / Peter Meudell and Andrew Mayes -- Geographical knowledge and orientation / Richard W. Byrne -- Action and performance / Eric A. Roy -- Artistry following damage to the human brain / Howard Gardner.

Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 24231 ISBN / ISSN : 0122374800
NumRec : 2423103


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