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Gerontological supervision : a social work perspective in case management and direct care / BURACK-Weiss, Ann ; BRENNAN, Frances Coyle.
New York : Haworth Press, 2008 (2nd ed.), , xi, 166 p.

Lieux géographiques
: États-Unis

Mots-clés principaux
Supervision du travail
Travailleur social
Service social
Prise en charge gériatrique

Mots-clés secondaires : Services et soins gérontologiques et gériatriques ; Perte d'autonomie ; Gestion du travail ; Stagiaire ; Personnel de soutien paramédical ; Auxiliaire familial et social ; Préposé aux bénéficiaires ; Enseignement de groupe

Résumé :

This is a new, updated edition of the classic 'how-to' guide for social work supervisors. The growing population of aging Americans is bringing with it thousands of new workers into agencies serving the elderly each year. Now, the need for social work supervisors to administer and train staff in programs for older persons is increasing as well."Gerontological Supervision: A Social Work Perspective in Case Management and Direct Care, Second Edition", is a practical, 'how-to' guide for the supervision of case managers, personal care providers, and interns working in community services and long-term care of ill or disabled older persons. This new, updated edition of the classic text expands its focus by offering direct-practice supervisors and workers, as well as non-social work supervisors, the latest, up-to-date ideas and proven 'practice wisdom' for handling many of the field's most common problems. Filled with direct and composite case examples from the front lines of gerontological social work, "Gerontological Supervision: A Social Work Perspective in Case Management and Direct Care, Second Edition", is the valuable text that provides practitioners at all levels with useable, realistic supervisory techniques.Arranged in five unique sections, this useful guide looks at concerns central to the changing field of practice. Part one gives an overview of the social work perspective. Parts two and three consider practice and administrative issues. Supervision of interns is covered in part four, and part five expands the scope of original edition by discussing the similarities and differences between home care and long-term care settings.Chapters in the second edition of "Gerontological Supervision" also include: dual emphasis on person and environment treatment with dignity and respect stages of helping, learning, and teaching negotiating the balance between dependence and independence styles of learning and teaching tuning in and anticipatory empathy assessment, case planning, on-going work, and termination empowerment, mediation, and advocacy the supervisor as 'middle management' staff development the supervisory conference and recording requirements evaluation in group supervision home care residential care and much more! "Gerontological Supervision", is an invaluable resource for supervisors with or without MSWs and RNs, as well as case managers, personal care providers, interns, and educators and students in social work.

Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 24426 ISBN / ISSN : 9780789024237
NumRec : 2442603


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