R-CRM-232 (available) - Monographie
The biology and evolution of language / LIEBERMAN, Philip.
Harvard University Press, 1984, viii, 379 p.

Language and speech disorders

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Introduction : The biological framework -- Neurophysiology, neural models, and language -- Distributed neural computers and feature detectors -- Automatization and syntax -- Syntax, words, and meaning -- Respiration, speech, and meaning -- Elephant ears, frogs, and human speech -- Speech is special -- Linguistic distinctions and auditory processes -- Man on the flying trapeze : the acquisition of speech -- Apes and children -- Evolution of human speech : comparative studies -- Evolution of human speech : the fossil record -- Conclusion : On the nature and evolution of the biological bases of language.

Illustrations : ill.
Language : Anglais
Doc n° : 24630 ISBN / ISSN : 0674074122
NumRec : 2463003


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