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The essential handbook of memory disorders for clinicians / ed. BADDELEY, Alan D. ; ed. KOPELMAN, Michael D. ; ed. WILSON, Barbara A..
Chichester, England : John Wiley & Sons, 2004, x, 381 p.


Mots-clés secondaires : Head injury ; Traumatic amnesia ; Alzheimer's disease ; Subcortical dementia ; Assessment ; Cognitive disorders ; Rehabilitation

Résumé :

Chapter 1 Psychology of Memory / Alan D. Baddeley
Chapter 2 The Amnesic Syndrome: Overview and Subtypes / Margaret O' Connor and Mieke Verfaille
Chapter 3 Posttraumatic Amnesia and Residual Memory Deficit after Closed Head Injury / Harvey S. Levin and Gerri Hanten
Chapter 4 Psychogenic Amnesia / Michael D. Kopelman
Chapter 5 Developmental Amnesias and Acquired Amnesias of Childhood / Christine M. Temple
Chapter 6 The Memory Deficit in Alzheimer's Disease / James T. Becker and Amy A. Overman
Chapter 7 Memory Disorders in Subcortical Dementia / Jason Brandt and Cynthia A. Munro
Chapter 8 Assessment of Memory Disorders / Barbara A. Wilson
Chapter 9 Separating Memory from other Cognitive Disorders / Diane B. Howieson and Muriel D. Lezak
Chapter 10 Management and Remediation of Memory Problems in Brain Injured Adults / Barbara A. Wilson
Chapter 11 Assessment and Management of Memory Problems in Children / Judith A. Middleton
Chapter 12 Assessment and Intervention in Dementia of Alzheimer Type / Linda Clare
Chapter 13 Reducing the Impact of Cognitive Impairment in Dementia / Bob Woods
Chapter 14 External Memory Aids and Computers in Memory Rehabilitation / Narinder Kapur, Elizabeth Glisky and Barbara A. Wilson
Chapter 15 Emotional and Social Consequences of Memory Disorders / Robyn L. Tate

Illustrations : ill.
Language : Anglais
Doc n° : 28471 ISBN / ISSN : 047009141X
NumRec : 5951303


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