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Handbook of neuroscience for the behavioral sciences. Volume 2 / ed. BERNTSON, Gary G. ; ed. CACIOPPO, John T..
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, 2009, 1 v.

Lieux géographiques
: États-Unis

Mots-clés principaux
Phénomène comportemental

Mots-clés secondaires : Motivation ; Émotion ; Socialisation ; Trouble mental ; Vieillissement

Résumé :

As technology has made imaging of the brain noninvasive and inexpensive, nearly every psychologist in every subfield is using pictures of the brain to show biological connections to feelings and behavior. Handbook of Neuroscience for the Behavioral Sciences provides psychologists and other behavioral scientists with a solid foundation in the increasingly critical field of neuroscience. Current and accessible, it provides in two comprehensive volumes the information they need to understand the new biological bases, research tools, and implications of brain and gene research as it relates to psychology.

Illustrations : ill.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 27036 ISBN / ISSN : 9780470083574
NumRec : 5493903
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