WR 102 T355 (disponible) - Monographie
Textbook of aging skin / ed. FARAGE, Miranda A. ; ed. MILLER, Kenneth W. ; ed. MAIBACH, Howard I..
Berlin : Springer, 2010, xxxv, 1220 p.

Lieux géographiques
: Allemagne

Mots-clés principaux
Vieillissement de la peau

Mots-clés secondaires : Modification anatomo-physiologique ; Physiologie cutanée ; Pathologie ; Métabolisme ; Biologie moléculaire ; Endocrinologie ; Marqueur biologique ; Cancer de la peau ; Dermatose ; Traitement (Thérapeutique) ; probiotique ; Toxicologie ; Sécurité ; Microbiologie ; Plaie ; Aspect psychosocial ; Chirurgie plastique ; Intervention chirurgicale ; Antivieillissement

Résumé :

- Offers a complete and comprehensive coverage of the "aging skin" topic in one single reference book

- Is intended to be used as the "single and complete" reference in dermatology, geriatrics and/or gerontology fields

- This up-to-date reference book includes the most recent advances in the scientific, medical and technical understanding of the "aging" phenomenon

This comprehensive 'Major Reference Book' compiles all current and latest information on aging skin in a two-volume set. Highly structured with a reader-friendly format, it covers a wide range of areas such as basic sciences, the different diseases and conditions which occur with aging (from malignant to non-malignant), the latest techniques and methods being used such as bioengineering methods and biometrics as well as toxicological and safety considerations for the elderly population. It also illustrates the global consumers' sociological and psychological implications, ethnicity and gender differences and includes marketing considerations for this elderly group. This unique and comprehensive guide will become the main reference textbook on this topic.

Illustrations : ill. ; graph. ; portr.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 27033 ISBN / ISSN : 9783540896555
NumRec : 5493003


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