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Working memory intervention programs for adults : a systematic review / NETTO, Tânia Maria ; GRECA, Denise Vieira ; ZIMMERMANN, Nicolle ; OLIVEIRA, Camila Rosa de ; FONSECA, Rochele Paz ; LANDEIRA-FERNANDEZ, J..
Dementia & neuropsychologia, 2010, vol. 4 (3 (sept.)), p. 222-231. (27-01-2012)

Short-term memory
Program evaluation

Résumé :

This systematic review aimed to identify the designs, procedures, and results of empirical studies that performed neuropsychological interventions on WM in adults. Methods: A PubMed and LILACS literature search was conducted using the keywords working memory AND (training OR rehabilitation OR intervention) AND adult. Results: Of the seven studies found, three were randomized controlled trials, two were case reports, one was a clinical trial, and one was an evaluation study. With regard to the type of programs and samples, three studies employed global programs with healthy elderly adults and four employed specific programs for samples with neurologically-impaired adults. Conclusions: The effectiveness of the WM intervention programs was more evident in studies that employed specific methods of rehabilitation for samples with neurological disorders than in those based on global programs with healthy adults. There is a need for more empirical studies to verify the effectiveness of WM intervention programs in order to provide adequate guidance for clinical neuropsychologists and future research.

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