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A better life : alternative approaches from the perspective of families and carers of older people with high support needs / BURKE, Stephen.
York , UK : Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2010, 25 p. (16-01-2012)
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Alternative à l'hébergement
Logement adapté
Soutien à domicile
Qualité de vie
Proche aidant
Participation du malade

Résumé :

There are many challenges in identifying alternative approaches to a better life for older people with high support needs. These include dealing with expectations which are often low, good practice which is not well disseminated and attitudes which do not value older people.
Our prevailing culture is more 'make do' than 'can do'. But our ageing population demands better. And when pressed, carers and families of older people want better. Carers want to be treated as 'partners' and want to be properly involved.
"We need to look inside as well as outside the box." (Family carer)
'Better' ­ or alternative ­ approaches must start with making existing provision in residential or extra care work better for older people and their families. A lot could be done to improve the experiences of older people and their families and carers in residential and extra care.
Looking at alternatives, housing is key. Homes need to be adapted to lifetime living and families supported to make their homes more suitable. Home care and support needs to be good quality, affordable and consistent. Local neighbourhoods need to be 'age friendly' and enable families to live closer together with a mix of ages. There is also an opportunity to develop new models of co-housing ­ enabling older people to continue living in mixed communities while retaining control of their home and their life.
Carers and families must be involved throughout, and the differing make-up of families needs to be better recognised.

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