WT 150 S888 (disponible) - Monographie
Storying later life : issues, investigations, and interventions in narrative gerontology / KENYON, Gary M. ; BOHLMEIJER, Ernst ; RANDALL, William L..
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2011, xxi, 397 p.

Mots-clés principaux
méthode narrative

Mots-clés secondaires : Mémoire ; corps

Résumé :

- Reflects a selection of new directions and insights, and constitutes a general broadening and deepening of narrative gerontology
- Demonstrates that human aging is about meaning and growth and not just decline

In its brief but vigorous history, gerontology has spawned a broadening range of specializations. One of the newest of such specializations is narrative gerontology, so named for its emphasis on the biographical, or inside, dimensions of the experience of aging.

Telling stories about our world, our relationships, and ourselves is fundamental to how we make meaning. Everything from our history to our religion and our memories to our emotions is linked to the tales we tell ourselves, and others, about where we have come from and where we are going. They are central to who we are.

Langue : Anglais
Type d'ouvrage AQESSS : MONO
Doc n° : 29781 ISBN / ISSN : 9780195397956
NumRec : 6328403


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