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How to do a systematic literature review in nursing : a step-by-step guide / BETTANY-SALTIKOV, Josette.
Maidenhead, UK : Open University Press, 2012, xiii, 173 p.

Mots-clés principaux
Revue systématique
Sciences infirmières
Soins infirmiers fondés sur des données probantes
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Résumé :

"This is an excellent book which explains clearly the principles and practice of systematic reviews. The order of contents is logical, information is easy to find and the contents are written for a wide audience from student to practitioner. There are copious examples and illustrations and these should inspire confidence in the novice and remind the expert what the essential features of a good systematic review are. This book should be on every undergraduate and postgraduate reading list for courses on research methods."
Roger Watson, Professor of Nursing, The University of Hull, UK
"This book provides a clear and concise guide for students to produce a systematic review of evidence in health care ... The material is presented as a logical series of steps starting with developing a focussed question up to completing the review and disseminating its findings ... To facilitate the review a number of blank forms are presented for the reader to copy and complete in relation to the topic which they are pursuing ... I would wholly recommend this text."
Ian Atkinson, previously Senior Lecturer in Research Methods & Assistant Editor Journal of Clinical Nursing

Does the idea of writing a systematic literature review feel daunting?
Are you struggling to work out where to begin?

By walking you carefully through the entire process from start to finish and breaking the task down into manageable steps, this book is the perfect workbook companion for students undertaking their first literature review for study or clinical practice improvement.

Co-published with the Nursing Standard, this handy book:

Goes into detail about the precise and practical steps required to carry out a systematic literature review
Uses a workbook format, with 3 running examples that you can work through gradually as you carry out your review
Offers suggestions and tips to help you write up your own review
Features useful templates to help you stay organised and includes case-studies to identify good practice
Highlights the pitfalls to avoid
Written in an engaging, conversational style with clear explanations throughout, How to do a Systematic Literature Review in Nursing is invaluable reading for all nursing students as well as other healthcare professionals.

Illustrations : ill.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 30008 ISBN / ISSN : 9780335242276
NumRec : 6398003


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