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Living in old age in Europe : current developments and challenges / STULA, Sabrina.
Berlin, Germany : Observatory for sociopolitical developments in Europe, 2012, 26 p. (11-02-2013)
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Lieux géographiques
: Europe, Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Finland

Demographic aging
Types of accommodations
Adapted dwelling
Living environment

Mots-clés secondaires : Programs ; Research projects ; Innovation

Résumé :

This paper summarises the results of comparative studies on the topic of "Living in Old Age" and the results of a research on latest sociopolitical measures and developments for senior citizens in selected countries. It provides an overview of how the topic "Living in Old Age" is being discussed at the European level and in selected Member States. For this purpose, how the elderly are living in Europe will be presented first. Current initiatives at the European level and transnational projects and networks will be discussed next. Finally, approaches from five European Member States who provide innovative impulses when it comes to developing new residential forms for elderly people will be presented.

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