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The 'Make or Buy' decision in long-term care : lessons for policy : final project report / RODRIGUES, Ricardo ; LEICHSENRING, Kai ; WINKELMANN, Julianne.
Vienna : European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, 2014, 113 p. (17-07-2014)
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Lieux géographiques
: Suède, Europe

Mots-clés principaux
Soins de longue durée
Coûts de la santé
Politique gouvernementale
Secteur privé

Mots-clés secondaires : Économie de marché ; Privatisation ; Étude de cas ; Concurrence ; Qualité des soins et services

Résumé :

The New Public Management approaches in the 1980's fostered the development of quasi-markets for the provision of public services in order to improve efficiency as well as user-satisfaction of service provision in Europe. However, given the high complexity of long-term care services and the difficulty of defining clearly measurable outcomes, contracting out of many aspects of long-term care services require time and investments in a strong regulatory environment and the development of evidence-based guidelines.

In Sweden, a shift towards stronger market mechanisms and community involvement in long-term care with the Ädel reform in 1992 triggered a public debate on the nature of the provision of long-term care by either public, private or non-for-profit providers. The "Make or Buy" project, commissioned by the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, seeks to provide an answer to the question whether to 'Make or buy' the provision of long-term care. The results aim to provide guidance to the Swedish stakeholders as well as to policy makers of other countries. The following tasks have been carried out within the project:
-Review theoretical aspects relevant for the make or buy decision (competition, transaction costs, contract design, market mechanisms, organizational theory)
-Mapping country experiences of the introduction of competition and user choice
-Reviewing empirical findings on differences in long-term care provider quality between types of ownership (public, private, non-for-profit)
-Reviewing quality assessment, quality assurance and contracting in LTC
-Reviewing mechanisms to facilitate flows of funds across jurisdictions
-Discussing future challenges related to the findings and on the basis of current international developments in the supply of social services.

Langue : Anglais
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NumRec : 6750203


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