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Active ageing and healthy living : a human centered approach in research and innovation as source of quality of life / RIVA, Giuseppe ; AJMONE MARSAN, Paolo ; GRASSI, Claudio.
Amsterdam : IOS Press, 2014, x, 207 p. (07-10-2014)
Collection : Studies in Health Technology and Informatics ; 203
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Mots-clés principaux
Vieillissement réussi
Vieillissement actif
Approche centrée sur la personne
Recherche sur le vieillissement

Mots-clés secondaires : Recherche multidisciplinaire ; Vieillissement démographique ; Nutrition ; Technologies de l'information ; Relations intergénérationnelles ; Finances personnelles ; Fragilité ; Sarcopénie ; Planification de la santé et des services sociaux ; Habitude de vie ; psychogériatrie ; Travailleur âgé ; Empowerment ; Retraite ; Vieillissement normal ; Participation du malade ; Maladie chronique

Résumé :

Increased life expectancy and the ageing of the population have been the subject of attention in Western countries, and particularly in Europe, for some years now. The challenge of 'squaring the circle' between ends and means ­ as well as between personal aspirations and systemic constraints ­ in health and social care continues to be a major concern for policymakers and all those involved in the delivery of services.

This book, Active Ageing and Healthy Living: A Human Centered Approach in Research and Innovation as Source of Quality of Life, presents the results of a number of research projects from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - the largest private university in Italy and in Europe - with a strong commitment to the areas of medicine and health sciences, economics, business, international relations, political science, psychology and communications. Visions and research directions for the future are also presented and discussed.

The introduction to the book addresses the challenges posed by an increasingly ageing population and the way in which multidisciplinary research can contribute to positive outcomes. The remainder of the book is divided into two sections. The first proposes promising research directions for future focus, and includes papers on demographic change; frailty in the elderly; the role of diet in healthy ageing; active ageing; and positive technology. The second section deals with recent developments in research into active ageing and healthy living (AA&HL). It addresses numerous topics, including: mechanisms to shift the balance from unhealthy to healthy ageing; nutrition; the role of ICTs for older people; work, retirement and health; and empowering skills for AA&HL.

Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 31307 ISBN / ISSN : 9781614994251
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