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Aging and beneficial purpose in the 21st Century : the new longevity dividend : report and recommendations from the 2014 Successful Aging Innovation Summit : Work, Productivity, and Beneficial Purpose / Milken Institute. Successful Aging Innovation Summit "Work, productivity, and beneficial purpose" (2014).
Santa Monica, CA : Milken Institute, 2014, 36 p. (07-01-2015)
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Mots-clés principaux
Vieillissement démographique
Changement social
Participation sociale
Aspect économique
Aspect social

Mots-clés secondaires : Représentation de la vieillesse ; Travailleur âgé ; communauté amie des aînés

Résumé :

Population aging is one of the great global developments of the 21st century. The vast potential of longer lives, made possible by remarkable advances in medical science and public health, demands fresh thinking and action. A new human capital resource is available to the world, courtesy of the demographic shift. Can we­will we­capitalize on that opportunity?

The Milken Institute and the John Templeton Foundation share the conviction that it is time for a culture change, recognizing the new face of aging and its promise for people and planet. The experts and thought leaders at our Successful Aging Innovation Summit: Work, Productivity, and Beneficial Purpose came together in May 2014 to share ideas and aspirations, address impediments, and lay important groundwork to move us toward that culture change.

We offer this report from our Successful Aging Innovation Summit in the spirit of spreading important information, urging nonpartisan solutions, and realizing impact. We seek to transform ideas into action, re-framing aging, encouraging intergenerational cooperation and collaboration, and changing lives across the United States and aging societies around the world. Recognizing the economic, political, and social significance of the older population, we are confident that the conversation started here will spur fresh thinking and innovation.

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