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Silver cities : realising the potential of our growing older population / COX, Ed ; HENDERSON, Graeme ; BAKER, Richard.
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK : Institute for public policy research North, 2014, 57 p.

Lieux géographiques
: Royaume-Uni

Mots-clés principaux
Vieillissement démographique
Milieu urbain
Aspect économique
Développement communautaire

Mots-clés secondaires : communauté amie des aînés ; Travailleur âgé ; Consommation ; Intégration sociale

Résumé :

This report is about the impact of two great global trends upon developed economies: urbanisation and demographic ageing. With falling birth rates and most people living longer and healthier lives than previous generations did, population ageing is now the dominant demographic trend in advanced economies. While different places experience it in different ways, this trend is clear everywhere.
The response to this fundamental shift in the structure of our populations has tended to focus on a narrow group of perceived challenges. National governments have tended to homogenise and problematise ageing, focussing on worries about rising health, pension and welfare costs and a declining labour force on the basis of technical 'dependency ratio' calculations. More nuanced responses have sometimes been pursued, but the potential that many older people have has not been fully appreciated or reflected in public policy.
Similarly, at a sub-national level, cities and regions have sought to service the welfare and care needs of ageing populations, rather than look at the issue in the round across their economic and social policies. For example, many have attempted to maintain their labour forces by competing for a cohort of younger workers that is in relative decline, thereby reducing the availability of services to large groups of both older and younger people. This situation is increasingly unsustainable.
This report aims to promote a positive, long-term and integrated response to ageing in cities which will contribute to the delivery of economic growth, employment and inclusion for people of all ages.

"Ce rapport publié par l'Institute for Public Policy Research du Royaume-Uni vise à promouvoir une réponse positive et à long terme au vieillissement de la population dans les villes et explique en quoi il peut être source de croissance économique, d'emploi et d'inclusion. Il offre des exemples montrant comment les personnes âgées peuvent devenir des acteurs essentiels dans le développement économique urbain."(RVCD)

Illustrations : ill. ; graph.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 31607
NumRec : 6867803


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