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The right medicine : improving care in care homes
London, UK : Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 2016, 11 p. (23-06-2016)
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: England, United Kingdom

Residential and long-term care centers
Pharmacy services
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The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) believes it is time to change the way medicines are used in care homes.
Too many care home residents are taking medicines which are doing them more harm than good.
At a time when every pound of NHS resource needs to be scrutinised, we believe that a far more efficient system would have one pharmacist, as part of a multidisciplinary team, responsible for the whole system of medicines and their use within a care home.
We believe, and evidence shows, that this improves care, reduces NHS medicines waste and reduces the serious harm that can be caused by inappropriate use of medicines.

*Pharmacists should have overall responsibility for medicines and their use in care homes.
*One pharmacist and one general practitioner should be responsible for medicines in each care home ensuring coordinated and consistently high standards of care.
*Where a care home specialises e.g. in dementia care, the pharmacist should ensure they are competent to support the relevant clinical speciality.
*Local commissioners (such as Clinical Commissioning Groups or NHS England) should commission pharmacists to provide medicine reviews within care homes.
*Pharmacists should lead a programme of regular medicine reviews and staff training, working in an integrated team with other healthcare practitioners ensuring

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