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Using evidence : what works? : A discussion paper / BRECKON, Jonathan ; DODSON, Jane.
London, UK : Alliance for useful evidence, 2016, 34 p. (26-07-2016)
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'Using Evidence: What Works?' is an introduction to and discussion of the findings from the research project The Science of Using Science. The aim of the project was to uncover the evidence on what works to enable decision-makers' research use. We all have our favourite methods of knowledge exchange, but do we have rigorous evidence that these methods do actually change people's use of research (and/or motivation, capacity or opportunity to do so)? This discussion document is based on a systematic review of 36 existing reviews and a second scoping review of research from the broader social science literature conducted by the EPPI-Centre at UCL. More than 150 possible interventions were identified but there were many cases with mixed or no evidence which illustrated the need for more research in this area.

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