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Sweden's Senior Alert Program : how an information system can reduce health risks among the elderly / GRAY, Bradford H. ; WINBLAD, Ulrika ; SARNAK, Dana O..
New York, NY : The Commonwealth Fund, 2016, 10 p. (27-10-2016)
Collection : Case study ; vol. 30
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: Suède

Mots-clés principaux
Facteur de risque
Gestion des risques
Plan de services individualisé

Résumé :

KEY FEATURES Health care registry to identify and reduce specific health risks in seniors, like injuries from falls, pressure ulcers, malnutrition, and oral health care issues.
TARGET POPULATION Patients age 65 and older in Sweden.
WHY IT'S IMPORTANT If common risks for illness or injury are identified, providers can make and implement interventions aimed at reducing those risks.
BENEFITS Providers can create prevention plans for at-risk patients to reduce risks of adverse events; data about patterns of risk can be used by providers or policymakers to identify areas of need or to stimulate research.
CHALLENGES Leadership and commitment are needed at each institution; some risk reduction involves a complex set of activities; collection of data can be cumbersome; privacy laws create challenges; ongoing funding must be obtained.

"Some health problems that cause suffering and require expensive health care services are the result of age-related risk factors that are amenable to prevention-oriented interventions. Examples include fall-related injuries, pressure ulcers in immobile patients, and malnutrition. But all too often, professionals and organizations that provide care to seniors do not address these risk factors before injury or other adverse conditions occur. In Sweden, the Senior Alert program, a national preventive care dashboard for the elderly, was developed to address these issues."
(Source : Commonwealth Fund)

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