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France anticipates ageing society through new piece of legislation / LE BIHAN, Blanche.
ESPN Flash Reports, 2016, vol. 2016 (18), 2 p. (21-07-2016)
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Lieux géographiques
: France

Demographic aging
Legal aspects
Old age policies

Mots-clés secondaires : Supported independent living ; Adapted dwelling ; Home supportive services ; Governmental grant

Résumé :

Beginning 2016, the Act on adapting society to an ageing population entered into force marking a turning point in long-term care policies in France which traditionally focused on the dependency of the elderly.

The reform intends to meet the rapidly increasing demand for long-term care in France through a comprehensive, cross-cutting approach which is based on three pillars:
1.Anticipating loss of autonomy by better meeting the demands of the elderly in terms of housing, transport, social and civic life, and in doing so preventing and combating their isolation.
2.Adapting society to ageing by measures such as adjusting 80,000 private houses by 2017, renovating residence accommodation for independent living and encouraging seniors to become involved in volunteering activities.
3.Support for older people facing loss of autonomy so that they can stay at home as long as possible. This pillar also includes a reform of the "personal independence allowance" (Allocation personnalisée d'autonomie - APA) and measures to support informal carers.

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