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Statistical summary on ageing and ICTS / BLANCHE, Daniel.
Montréal : ACT project, Concordia University, 2015, 48 p. (21-07-2016)
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Lieux géographiques
: Canada, Finlande, Malaisie, Pays-Bas, Pérou, Roumanie, Espagne, Royaume-Uni, États-Unis

Mots-clés principaux
Technologies de l'information
Perspective internationale

Résumé :

The ACT Project engages with research that often involves the consultation of statistical data about demographic trends, contextual information, and the spread, access, and use of ICT. In order to make the search of data easier and faster, we have come up with a series of fact sheets that summarize the information that researchers may be interested in knowing. These fact sheets contain several indicators from the demographic field ­e.g., total population by sex, population over 60 years old, living in urban/rural areas, median age of the population, life expectancy at birth­, aspects of ageing ­pension coverage, physical safety, employment rate of older people, relative mental well-being­, contextual data of the country ­GDP per capita, Gini coefficient­, and ICT ­proportion of internet subscriptions, mobile and fixed telephone subscriptions, use of technologies among households and individuals, among others. In addition, these documents cover these statistical data for ten particular countries, countries of different regions of the world that reflect the places where the ACT Project has presence, thus far.

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