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Care Management Plus : strengthening primary care for patients with multiple chronic conditions / HAYES, Susan L. ; MCCARTHY, Douglas.
New York, NY : The Commonwealth Fund, 2016, 13 p. (11-01-2017)
Collection : Case study ; vol. 42 ; Care models for high-need, high-cost patients
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: United States

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Chronic diseases
Health care planning

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KEY FEATURE A care manager, embedded in a primary care practice and supported by specialized information technology tools, works with patients who have complex needs to develop and implement plans for care; coaches patients and their caregivers in self-management skills; and provides referrals to community-based resources.
TARGET POPULATION Patients with multiple chronic diseases who are often older or have behavioral health and social needs, and who are at high risk for poor health outcomes.
WHY IT'S IMPORTANT These patients, who must manage a complex constellation of needs, require greater support than is typically offered by current primary care arrangements.
RESULTS AND BENEFITS Potentially better health outcomes and quality of life for the patient; lower utilization of health care services and reduced costs for the health care system; and increases in provider productivity.
CHALLENGES Sustaining financing through increases in provider productivity over time, particularly for practices working under fee-for-service reimbursement.

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